Medium, Hard & Xtrem

Outstanding traction thanks to the innovative tread design which adapts perfectly to sandy, grassy, muddy ground as well as harder dirt tracks and provides good cornering performance. The tyre provides exceptional grip in wet weather, due to the compound being high in silica. The tread blocks ensure grip and stability over soft and mixed terrain.

The combination of tyre & Bib Mousse are perfect for longevity of both items - check out our Mousse page!

Suitable for time card enduro and Extreme events.


120-90-18 - £80.00

140-80-18 - £85.00

90-90-21   - £66.00

90-100-21 - £74.00

140-80-18 - Xtrem - £123.00

Recommended pressure:

Pressures are dependent on type of terrain, weather conditions, the motorcycle power and the rider’s level of skill. However, suggested pressure is shown below:-

Front 1.0 bar (14.5 psi) (min 12 psi)

Rear 1.0 bar (14.5 psi) (min 12 psi)