6 Days Extreme - Front
Soft and Supersoft

The 90/90-21 SOFT front tyre is an evolution of the HARD tyre compound but with adjustments to damping and stiffness to better suit extreme enduro.  The new tyre is, dedicated to extreme enduro competitions, with marked damping and longitudinal stiffness characteristics suitable for a sustained riding pace as well as for slow passages.

The new 90/100-21 SUPERSOFT front takes a step further and is developed specifically for the more technical extreme enduro events

6 Days Extreme - Rear
Standard, Soft, Supersoft & Extra Soft

The new 140/80-18 MEDIUM rear is Metzeler’s FIM approved Enduro GP-spec tyre which increasingly includes a wide range of challenging riding conditions, including Extreme, Cross and Enduro tests.

The 140/80-18 SOFT matches the front SOFT and is aimed more towards extreme enduro and features new damping structure and lateral stiffness.

The 140/80-18 SUPER SOFT meanwhile takes that extra step again, and is suited for those gnarly tough extreme enduro events. It represents the finest evolution of structures and compounds, and is the only enduro specification tyre with the name SUPER SOFT approved for road use currently on the market.”

The colours on the tread denote the different options: black for standard, orange for SOFT, green for SUPER SOFT and white for EXTRA SOFT.

Sizes & Prices

90-90-21 - Standard - £57
90-90-21 - Soft - £57
90-100-21 - Super Soft - £72
120-90-18 - Standard - £74
120-90-18 - Soft - £75
140-80-18 - Standard £80 
140-80-18 - Soft - £84
140-80-18 - Super Soft - £88140-80-18 - Extra Soft - £120 

All the above are ROAD LEGAL but the NEW TYRE is not - 
140-80-18 - EXTRA SOFT- £95 - NOT ROAD LEGAL - this price is only available, whilst stock lasts