StarCross 6 - Sand

100-90-19 - £80
110-90-19 - £82
80-100-21 - £65

The tyre has specific positioning of the blocks in the 3 zones - central, intermediate and lateral, associated with a specific shift of these zones. 

The sand tyre will offer an exceptional grip/behaviour balance for the front, and exceptional grip/traction and longevity for the rear. 

The tyre was made using silica technology, which maintains the tread block shape over time.

Recommended Pressure

Dependent of the terrain, weather conditions, the motorcycle power and the rider's level of skill.

  • Front 0.9 bar (13 psi) (min 0.8 bar / 11.6 psi)
  • Rear 0.9 bar (13 psi) (min 0.8 bar / 11.6 psi)

The adaptive design provides 16% more traction compared to the previous Starcross 5, and with the introduction of Silica technology in the tyre, it increases durability by 19% compared to the Starcross 5.