MX3 - Foxhills GP - Hard

The tread design for these tyres are left to right asymmetrical, which provides an improved contact patch. The staggered tread design provides improved handling on hard ground. The tread blocks have been designed with a larger surface for increased comfort and feel on hard terrain. The rear tyre has been designed with bridges to improve durability and chunking, and the blocks are cut on both tyres, which improves bite and feel with the ground. The 18” and 21” tyres are road legal.

Sizes available: 

60-100-12, 60-100-14, 70-100-17, 70-100-19, 80-100-21, 

80-100-12, 90-100-14, 90-100-16, 100-90-19, 110-90-19, 

120-90-18, 120-90-19 – prices to be confirmed