Chain & Sprocket Set

JT Steel Sprockets - front and rear - various sizes available - and a Regina Z-Ring Race Enduro Off-Road Chain with 120 links - £95


We offer a wide range of sprockets to suit all Enduro and Motocross bikes
Stealth sprockets - which have steel teeth (black) and an alloy centre - these are available in various colours

For those who like a coloured sprocket, but prefer alloy -
we have these available in various colours to fit various bikes

If colour is not for you, then we have black steel sprockets available in various sizes

Front sprockets are available in either silver or black, to fit various bikes and sizes
Rear - Stealth (coloured) - £45    Alloy (coloured) - £30    Steel - £25
Front - prices start at £10


For those looking for a great 520 Z-Ring chain which has 120 Links and a split ring included in the box
we have the excellent Regina in stock, which is suitable for Enduros and Off-Road racing - £65

We also stock RK chain in various sizes, which are available as below:-
520 Heavy Duty - £45,  520  Standard - £35,  428 - £20,   420 - £20  all have 120 Links