Moose Racing Tyre/Mousse Changer

Used to change tyres with mousses or tubes or tubes

The frame can adjust to fit 18”, 19” and 21” wheel sizes - frame legs are engraved with these measurements for a quick and accurate adjustment

Built-in bead breaker

Tyres can be removed completely by pushing down with the bead breaker

Assembles easily in minutes with no tools required

Includes compact heavy-duty storage bag with carry handles for easy transport - bag size is 27” x 10” x 8”

Main frame is made of carbon steel with a silver zinc finish and bead breaker handle is powder-coated gloss black for a long-lasting finish

£220 (inc VAT)

Additional items you will need are:  tyre levers - £15 per lever - we recommend 3, and a bead buddy £10