A New Brand from the UK to play in the Motocross, Enduro and Extreme categories

Plews Tyres is a new tyre Company based in the UK.  The tyres have been designed By Josh Plews, and combines years of experience both in design and development.  Josh contacted us some time ago, and asked if we would be interested in stocking his tyres.  Having known Josh for quite a while,  we knew what he produced would be competition worthy.

Both the technology and expertise have combined to create tyres which can be used not only in local race events, but on the world stage too.

The tyres are available in a number of different categories - Sand, Intermediate, Motocross, Enduro, and Extreme.  Mousses will also be available, but they are under development at the moment. 

We have tried the Tough One ourselves, and it did not disappoint.   This is a great tyre suitable for various terrains and conditions.  It provides great stability in corners, and is more than capable of handling deep ruts.  It is also great for hard and rocky terrain.  If you need any further information,  please visit the website -  Plews Tyres